An exhibition of new work by six artists working in different mediums: metal, paint, wood, print & textiles (that's us by the way!).

The Weavers Gallery
Church Lane


helenmakes said…
Really enjoyed the exhibition and found the woodland creatures in the jars compelling - a little disturbing - but I can't get them out of my mind... Thank you.
Murgatroyd said…
Glad you enjoyed the exhibition Helen - great to get your feedback too. I hope that you got to see one of the Silva Populi out of their jar so you could take a peek beneath the mask?
You may be interested in the 'Group Gathering: Daphne's Glove' exhibition which is coming to the same gallery in late September
helenmakes said…
Thanks for your reply - I'll pop the other exhibition dates on my calendar. I am looking at your day workshops at the moment and will probably get in contact soon. I have rather neglected my hand embroidery and would like to have another go... Thanks.